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“A herald of computer-based technological innovation.”

Technostimulus is an exclusive, self-regulated, personal services
corporation with a culture of computer-based, technological ingenuity
in terms of consulting and in terms of research and development.
The primary mission of Technostimulus is to push the envelope in terms
of the technological progress of modern software development. The ethics
of Technostimulus are based on problem solving skills. The Technostimulus
ideal for teamwork is that of applied think tanks. Technostimulus's social
policies are about social identity, wherein many cases individuality is forged
from a diverse background. Finally, the future of high-tech computer employment
at Technostimulus is only for those who can focus enough on being rational to the
point of near technological and mathematical perfection. Technostimulus is also
a company whose employees are expected to be honest, to not get offended easily,
and to be able to stick up for themselves.


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